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Top programming languages to learn and earn

Most of the time we get this question that which technology or language I should learn to get better earnings. Though this particular question can't be answered objectively as lot of factors are involved, but for sure various inputs can provide good insight to take a informed decision.

If you analyze popularity on sites such as GitHub and StackOverflow lot of options are fairly visible such as JavaScript, Java, PHP, C#, Python etc. Along with popularity, background, comfort level, need of the project and personal choices ares some of other factors which usually are considered.

As far as, salary and market demand is concerned below graph can provide some good insight.

Figure: Programming languages salaries and demand.

  • Java remains one of the most popular and best paying languages globally although is starting to be challenged by other skills like JavaScript and C#.
  • JavaScript has become the most mentioned software language in job ads throughout Australia. It takes first place ahead of C# and Java.

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