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Selecting right Minor or Final Year Project

Final year projects are included in curriculum to help students develop practical ability and knowledge about practical tools / techniques in order to solve real life problems related to the industry, academic institutions and computer science research. Project work involves practical work for understanding and solving problems in the field of computing.

Students should select a project which is best suited to their interest, experience and knowledge in that area. Choose a work of study that you would enjoy doing and not just for the sake of degree. Start experimenting how it could be connected to the real world scenarios. Students should evaluate all pros and cons before finalising a project.

All final year projects should become great startups!

Following is a brief list of things to keep in mind while zeroing down on your final year computer project

The project you choose must showcase your individual talents and expertise in your area of study.
It is always a good idea to get started on something both innovative and practical to implement.
Your project could be part of a creation which can be expanded in the future.
Computer projects which are more interactive in nature tend to attract attention.
Get inputs from experienced people for guidance and put your thoughts into action.

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