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Stages involved in completion of a final year project

Final year projects are included in curriculum to help students develop practical ability and knowledge about practical tools / techniques in order to solve real life problems related to the industry, academic institutions and computer science research. Project work involves practical work for understanding and solving problems in the field of computing.

Stages involved in completion of a final year project are discussed in detail in below article.

There are four main phases in developing a final year project:

  1. Choosing the right project
  2. Planning and execution of the project
  3. Documentation of the project
  4. Management of the project

Google, was once a final year project !

Choosing the right project

Given that you are going to spend a lot of time working on your project, it is essential that you pick a project which you like and which you are capable of doing. It is important to note that these are not necessarily the same things: just because you like a particular project does not mean you are qualified to do it.

Planning and execution of the project
The main activities that comprise of this phase of project development are:
1. Identifying a problem to be solved
2. Generating project requirements
3. Developing a computational model for the solution
4. Performing system analysis
5. Designing of the system
6. Implementing and Integrating the modules
7. Testing the solution
8. Documenting the project
9. Managing the project
Documentation of the project

It is extremely important that you document your work at every stage of your project. The best way to organize your writing is to keep a log book of all work in progress. Every thought and observation you have on your project should go into this book, along with notes of meetings with your supervisor, results, theoretical developments, calculations, everything. This log book will become an invaluable source of material when you come to write up your project in the final report. However, don’t wait until the end of the project to begin the process of formal documentation. Write a formal report on completion of each phase of the project. These reports will become an excellent basis for your final report.

Management of the project

One of them most important things you will learn when doing your project is the need to manage your time. Final Year Projects require a considerable amount of time. A project schedule is an indispensable tool: building it forces you into thinking about all the things you need to do, their inter-relationships, the time each will take, and what each one will be used for. In drawing up your project schedule, you may find it useful to use a standard project management tool (such as Microsoft Project). These tools make it easy to draw the schedule and to track your progress. However, they won’t do the planning for you, i.e. they can’t identify tasks, subtasks, effort, duration, etc. That’s something you have to do yourself.

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