Free Synopsis: Internet Banking System

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Objective & Scope

The proposed system, is used to provide banking solution to customers and banks. It will automate some of the basic operations of a bank. Scope would be to provide basic functionalities using a web application so that those manual process can be automated. It will include to provide administration access to bank admins and user specific access to customers.


The system will assimilates the internet banking. It will provide administration functionality to bank admins and user specific functionalities to customers. Mainly system will be divided in two parts:
  1. Admin: Bank admin roles would be able to perform all administration related activities. Which will include functionality related to Customers, Bank branches and account management.
  2. Customer: End customer would be able to perform all necessary operations related to their bank account such as money deposit, withdraw, funds transfer and viewing transactions history, account or profile information. These would be main functionalities apart from some usual operations such as login, logout etc.

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Internet Banking System Diagram