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Objective & Scope

Though there are many existing messengers, chatting and email services available but many of them require internet connection and others are not suitable for our college Intranet. One of the main reason for this, is closed nature of our Intranet network. And outside software particularly using network might cause harm to our infrastructure. Any malware activity can cause havoc and headache. So objective of this project is to develop an Intranet chatting system to be used in our internal network.


This chatting solution will help students a lot. Students would be able to chat with each other, any important information will be broadcasted to everyone and they can even share files with each other. Server and client modules will reside in different machines and will connect using same LAN so that students can chat with each other. Since it will be our project so we will be in control of source code and networking activities used by the software..........

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Intranet Chatting System Diagram