Free Synopsis: Online Examination or Quiz

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Objective & Scope

This project intend to automate some of the basic operations of an institute or college or a school related to examination. Scope would be to provide basic functionalities using a web application so that those manual process can be automated.
  • On-line Exam system is designed for Educational Institutes (like schools, universities, training centers).
  • The system handles all the operations, and generates reports as soon as the test is finish, that includes name, marks, correct answers etc.
  • Allow students to see or display his answers after the exam is finish.
  • The type of questions is only multiple choices.
  • Administrator can create categories, questions etc


The system will assimilates the examination by providing it online and listing options as answers. User will be able to select answers in timely fashion. Also he would be able to see status as we well as summary. After submission, system will check the scope and will present it along with explanation. Questions would be filled by Administrator under categories. .........

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Online Examination or Quiz Diagram