Free Synopsis: Online Train Reservation System

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Objective & Scope

With the popularity of PCs, and mobiles easy access to Internet and World Wide Web (WWW), Internet is increasingly used by consumers & vendors as a channel for booking, shopping, payment & other operations. Online Train Reservation is a popular medium to book ticket online. This system will be used to provide Online Train Reservation solution to consumers. Scope would be to provide basic query & booking functionalities using a web application so that those manual process can be automated. Apart from booking tickets, cancellation and refund functionality would be provided too.


The system will ease the Train ticket booking operations for traveler. Traveler would be able to enquire or search the timetable as per given parameters. After that clarity, tickets could be booked once personal data is filled. Seat selection facility would be given too, if possible. After payment transaction (with dummy payment gateway) seat will be reserved and a ticket print will be generated. Also............

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Online Train Reservation System Diagram