Free Synopsis: Student Assessment System

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Objective & Scope

In this system, a user can view the academic performance of the students based on marks obtained in periodic tests conducted by an institute. Comparative assessment and evaluation will be provided in the form of charts and graphs. This will help in understanding the areas or subjects where improvement is required. It will be a useful tool for students to view and improve their performance over a period of time. A faculty member can also view the overall as well as individual performance of his or her class and look for areas of improvement.


The system assimilates a student's test / exam data in the form of marks and uses it to build performance graphs and charts for individual students and the whole class. The two main users of this system will be the student and the faculty. The faculty will enter the marks for each student in his or her class periodically and a student can then view the same by logging in to the system. Some of the important aspects Salient Features of this system are as follows:.........

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Student Assessment System Diagram