Free Synopsis: Student Information System

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Objective & Scope

This project intend to automate some of the basic operations of an institute or college or a school. Scope would be to provide basic functionalities using a web application so that those manual process can be automated. Main functionalities involved would be around actors such as Students, Faculties & System Admin. Basic operations will be allowed for these actors along with listing & search capability.


The solution is an attempt to provide a platform where Students and Faculties can get to know each other. Also acts as a centralized system for getting latest updates or notification about the institute, school or college. This software aims to bridge the gap between students to students and students to faculties. System will be a web application where users will be able to view department wise listing of other Students or faculties. Also Search functionality will help its users to look for other students or faculties based on their name. Thus this system will improve communication and coordination between its users..........

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Student Information System Diagram